295 - Women’s Day Live

March 8th is the 101st International Women’s Day and it will be celebrated with a series of special events. Watch this promotional video which features South African civil rights campaigner (and Nobel Peace Prize winner) Archbishop Desmond Tutu, head of UN Women (and former Chilean president) Michelle Bachelet and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu (African accent)
Women are gathering in every village and city around the world to celebrate more than 100 years of progress on International Women’s Day. Join us for Women’s Day Live!

A group of women (American accent)
Women’s Day Live! Empower Women! Change the World!

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Join us at this pivotal moment in history, to celebrate the transformative power of women in global society, and seize the clear opportunity to make poverty history by empowering women and girls in the world today.

Michelle Bachelet (Chilean accent)
My own experience has taught me that there’s no limit to what women can do. The neglect of women’s right(s) means lack of progress on gender equality, but (it) also means that that enormous social and economic potential of half of the population is so under-utilised. Women’s rights are human rights!

Ban Ki-moon (Korean accent)
The campaign to establish UN Women is a part of a larger international drive to promote gender equality, empower women and demand an end to sexual violence. UN Women will help turn this global strategy into a worldwide reality.

For more, visit www.womensdaylive.com