293 - The Google Art Project

Earlier this year Google announced the launch of the “Art Project,” a high-resolution digital tour of 17 of the world’s most famous art galleries. This is the promotional video:

Narrator (Standard British accent):
You can now experience art like never before with the Art Project. Google has partnered with some of the world’s most acclaimed and respected art museums to bring both their galleries and artwork on-line. Explore inside the galleries with Street View technology and view their artworks in high resolution, such as the Uffizi in Florence and its magnificent Botticelli painting, The Birth of Venus. Drop-down menus can be used to choose a museum and to find artworks from that museum, discover hidden secrets, or get in close to see the most miniscule details, like the brush strokes of Van Gogh, easily move around paintings, find more work by a particular artist, or learn more about a painting. Use “Search” to easily navigate to other museums, or find a specific artwork you’re looking for, listen to audio tours and watch Youtube videos produced by the museums, even while you’re exploring the painting:

Art critic (Australian accent):
Although it is grotesque, it is also marvelous.

Wander around the museums and find out more information, quickly jump from room to room and to different levels, using the floor plan, take a 360 tour of the Palacio de Cristal at the Museo Reina Sofia, view the Met, or fly down the corridors of the State Hermitage Museum. Where there are “Plus+” buttons, click to view high-resolution imagery of paintings, then zoom right in to get a closer look. You can even create your very own personalised artwork collection. Simply click the “create an artwork collection” button and add any artwork from the diverse range in the Art Project, add notes to start a discussion about collections, save incredible close-ups, share collections with friends and family and across social networks. Take a trip around the world’s greatest museums and discover the masters.