292 - The Joy of Books

Mark Worden (Standard British accent):

Speak Up features an interview with the English crime writer Martina Cole. In this out-take she talks about her favourite books:

Martina Cole (London “Cockney” accent):
One of my favourite books of all time is A.J. Cronin’s Hatter’s Castle, believe it or not, and people say to me “Oh, he was Dr. Finlay!” I don’t care! I think Hatter’s Castle… I love melodrama, I love melodramatic books. Recently, for my daughter’s Christmas, I got her a very, very early Alice in Wonderland, and a first edition of Anna Sewell, Black Beauty. I love the old melodramas, even the films, Mildred Pierce, all those old melodramas, I love them. I read so much, honestly, people are always amazed at my background environment, how much I’ve actually read. I just adore books, adore books. And I’ve always said to my children, you know, “You’re never alone with a book.” You know, I said, “on television you just get someone’s opinion,” I said, “with a book somehow you see it all yourself, you picture it in your own mind and it… I don’t know, it works for me.”

(Martina Cole was talking to Louise Johnson)