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289 - The House of Annie Lennox

Exposição sobre Annie Lennox no Victoria and Albert Museum em Londres. Até 26 de fevereiro de 2012.

Annie Lennox has a remarkable voice – and she has had a remarkable career.
One half (the other was Dave Stewart) of the great 1980s duo, Eurythmics, she went solo in the 1990s, although she and Stewart still work together. In recent years Lennox has campaigned on issues such as AIDS and poverty in Africa.
Now the Scottish singer is the subject of an exhibition at the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) in London.
Costumes, accessories and ephemera all feature in “The House of Annie Lennox” (which runs from September 15th to February 26th). The official V&A trailer (and the transcript) for her exhibition:

Annie Lennox (Scottish accent):

I just hope that people coming to see this exhibition at the V&A, of the House of me, the House of Annie Lennox, will enjoy it and will have an opportunity to spend an hour or so going through the museum itself and getting a sense, when they come by this corner, getting a sense of … of what I’ve offered to the world, and… and also with Dave (Dave Stewart, her partner in the group Eurythmics – ed), get a sense of, another sense of what that’s been. I just hope that people will enjoy it, that’s… just as I enjoy coming to the museum and taking a moment to just look at something and just with… just give it some thought. I… I don’t have any other message for people, I just… I just hope they come away feeling, “Oh, that was… that was lovely!”