Disarming Britain

282 - Disarming Britain

Since 2004 Britain has witnessed an increase in violent crime involving young people. And there has been a particular rise in the number of victims killed by knives.

As an accompaniment to our feature on "Disarming Britain", here is a video.

Speaker: Ann Oakes Odger (British Accent)

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The Joy of Books

292 - The Joy of Books

Mark Worden (Standard British accent):

Speak Up features an interview with the English crime writer Martina Cole. In this out-take she talks about her favourite books:

Martina Cole (London “Cockney” accent):
One of my favourite books of all time is A.J. Cronin’s Hatter’s Castle, believe it or not, and people say to me “Oh, he was Dr. Finlay!” I don’t care! I think Hatter’s Castle… I love melodrama, I love melodramatic books. Recently, for my daughter’s Christmas, I got her a very, very early Alice in Wonderland, and a first edition of Anna Sewell, Black Beauty. I love the old melodramas, even the films, Mildred Pierce, all those old melodramas, I love them. I read so much, honestly, people are always amazed at my background environment, how much I’ve actually read. I just adore books, adore books. And I’ve always said to my children, you know, “You’re never alone with a book.” You know, I said, “on television you just get someone’s opinion,” I said, “with a book somehow you see it all yourself, you picture it in your own mind and it… I don’t know, it works for me.”

(Martina Cole was talking to Louise Johnson)
James Redfield

291 - James Redfield

James Redfield is the author of the best-selling book The Celestine Prophecy. His latest book is The Twelfth Insight: The Hour of Decision.

James Redfield (Standard American/Southern accent):
You know, Carl Jung coined the term “synchronicity,” meaning the perception of meaningful coincidences, and what we’re doing now, part of this Twelfth Insight, is I put out… as I put the book together, to describe it, is learning that we can sustain this… a kind of synchronistic flow, where all the problems of life, all the inner urges of creativity that we feel we’re here to do somehow, can all begin to be sustained, so that one magical synchronicity where doors are opened for us in our life quest, and we’re, for the first time ever, learning how to… how to do that, how to stay in a synchronistic flow, and it is a… a… a… a flow that essentially boils down to allowing ourselves to be intuitively guided through life and with that comes all this sense of spiritual grounding and connectedness and love and all the other fruits of that, that… that I talk about in the book.

(James Redfield was talking to Mark Worden)

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The Flying Car!

291 - The Flying Car!

It sounds like science fiction but before long Britain will have its first car-planes. American company Terrafugia has developed a new model which drives on the road with wings folded before opening them to take off as a light aircraft. The Terrafugia Transition has a top speed of 185 kmph in the air and can be parked in the garage at home. The Transition costs around $280,000 and the first deliveries are expected in 2012. The car-plane offers a unique opportunity to drive to the airport and take off in the same vehicle – and perhaps to avoid traffic jams...

(All accents are standard American)
We flew, yes!

(Control tower)
Go ahead, yes.

(Female voice)
We’ve always dreamed about having a flying car and here it is.

The idea of combining the automobile with the airplane is no longer a fantasy…

What did you think of that, huh?

(Male voice)
I’ve got to tell you something, that’s pretty cool!

Celebrated by news media around the world as the modern day flying car, the Transition represents a safer and more practical approach to personal air travel.

(Samuel Schweighart)
Aircraft have looked essentially the same for the past 50 years. Transition really is the next step in the evolution of aircraft.

(Carl Dietrich)
The transition can convert between flying and driving almost instantly; you just get in the cockpit, push a couple of buttons and the wings fold up.

Although it has been dubbed “a flying car,” the Transition is really an airplane that can legally and safely be driven on roads and highways and parked in your single car garage.

(Andrew Heafitz)
The Transition’s a really fun flying car to drive; it’s got a lot of power, it’s got a well-tuned suspension, it’s very responsive.

That was great!

(Phil Meteer)
The Transition flies like a really nice airplane. I’ve flown 20 to 30 different airplanes in my career and the Transition is by far the easiest airplane to land. It’s smooth, controllable and very stable.

(Male voice)
The Transition is designed to fly like any other like sport aircraft, but it provides a unique capability to land and continue your trip on the ground safely, no matter what the weather is like.

Pilots who get behind the controls for the first time will feel at ease in the Transition’s comfortable and user-friendly interior.

(Anna Mracek Dietrich)
The control panels are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, the touch screen interfaces. There’s also just one GPS navigation system that combines both your road maps and your aviation charts.

The Transition is fuelled by super unleaded gas, which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than aviation fuel.

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