283 - Nowhere Boy

Nowhere Boy (Trailer)

Julia (Liverpool accent): I wonder if someone’s up there, on Mars or something, having a quick cigarette like me.
John (Liverpool accent): Where’s Dad? They’re called Dads, right? Most people I know have got one.
Julia: I don’t think…
John: Oh, don’t you, Mum? Well, I do. Think, think, think: that’s all I do. Where’s Daddy, Mummy? “Alf,” that’s his name, right? Well, where’s fucking Alf, then?
Julia: Please don’t swear, John!
John: Make you feel uncomfortable, does it? Well, try being me for the last 17 years! When everybody asks why your Auntie’s your Mum, now, that’s uncomfortable. (Julia starts crying) Oh, here we go! Who turned the taps on?
Julia: Please don’t be horrible to me, John!
John: No, me being horrible to you? Oh, I see: horrible John, naughty John, poor Julia! (Julia starts to walk back towards the house) No, no, no, no walking away. Look, I know you’re good at it, but not tonight.
Julia: John!
John: Where is he?
Julia: (she moans) Aaaah! New Zealand, maybe. I don’t know!
John: Not round the corner, like you?
Julia: He was in the Merchant Navy. No letters, no money. He abandoned us!
John: And you abandoned me!
Julia: It was a temporary thing: Mimi agreed!
John: Temporary? I’m still living with her!
Julia: I wanted you back, I always wanted you back!
John: Oh, I believe you, honest!
Julia: She never gave you back!
John: But, surely, I’m not Mimi’s to give! You’re my Mum!
Julia: She... she loves you so much!
John: Yeah, more than you.