270 - Katty Kay

Speak Up features an interview with Katty Kay, the BBC’s Washington correspondent. She is also the co-author, with Claire Shipman, of the book, Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success. We asked her about the book:

Katty Kay (Standard British accent):
The book talks about the power that women have in the workplace. We did research which showed that the more senior women a company employs, the more money they make. And we’re arguing in the book that a lot of women don’t realise how much value they have in the economy, how much influence they have in their companies, and that they can use… we think they can use that value and that influence to try to get more time, to work more flexibly, because a lot of women, professional women, find that, when they have children, it’s very difficult to do the 60-hour week careers that American life, and professional life, demands. And what we’re saying is, “Listen, you are very valuable to your company: you might not know that you are very valuable, but you are very valuable, you bring in money. Now you can go to your boss and say, ‘I need to work more flexibly. You want to keep me? You need to let me work in the way that I want to work.’” And actually, companies that have let women work more flexibly, find great results. So we argue that this is a very good time for women to be in the workforce, it’s a very powerful time for women to be in the workforce, and that they can change the way that they want to work.

(Katty Kay was talking to Lorenza Cerbini)