277 - In Defence of Al Jazeera

Mark Worden (Standard British accent):

Speak Up features an interview with Khaled Dawoud, Al Jazeera’s New York correspondent. In the past the network has been criticised for broadcasting Al Qaeda videos. We asked Khaled Dawoud about this:

Khaled Dawoud (Egyptian accent):
I deny that Al Jazeera, of course, has any relation to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda and other groups, many other groups, they know that Al Jazeera has a very wide reach, so they send us tapes that a lot of people want to see, but we air tapes of other groups too. I mean, right now, the terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, they do not need Al Jazeera, they have the websites, they can post whatever they want on the website, so we get our own exclusives and, if others don’t get them, we shouldn’t be the ones to blame.

(Khaled Dawoud was talking to Lorenza Cerbini)