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Edição Histórica 268

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Isn’t it amazing when things go even better that expected and we achieve a much anticipated result? A year ago Barack Obama gave his victory speech and started preparing for his administration. Thirty years ago a female rocker from Detroit started her career – and she’s still going strong. Several centuries earlier, Irish royals settled in Tara to govern their country. And a little more than two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ was born to save humankind from our sins – and this is still celebrated both in Australian and Harlem styles. “Yes, we can!” one could say. A country can change its political direction, sinners can be saved, and films and rock can go on entertaining – while conservationists divert motorways and science conquers nano-territories. The latest crisis seems to be over, but someday another one will arise (assuming we have not made the best choices). And we wish you a Merry Christmas and eternal joy for the Good Choice available to everyone.

Karl Kepler



06 Profile : Little Boots
08 This month:Xmas Down Under
10 Travel:Meditating at Christmas
11 Where are They Now?:Kirstie Alley
12 The Modern World:The Pub Quiz
04 Letters & Club
16 Meet the Press
44 Good Life
46 Cultural Matters
47 The Last Laugh
47 Agenda
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
14 Crisis? What Crisis?: Coaching expert Sir John Whitmore on the banking disaster.
18 Public Enemies:Johnny Depp on his latest role.
20 On Being a Basterd: Quentin Tarantino discusses his unusual war movie.
22 The Spirit of Harlem: Nowadays no trip to New York is complete without a gospel tour.
25 Speak Up in Class: A new insert for language teachers and students.
30 The First Female Rock Star:Suzi Quatro has a remarkable story to tell.
32 Tara Forever?:We listen to President-elect Barack Obama’s victory speech in Chicago.
36 Yes, We Can!:Seattle, home of the remarkable “EMP.”
40 You Say Yes, I Say Nano: Our “futurology” feature takes a very close look at nanotechnology.
42 Should You Have a Choice to Choose? : Leo Hickman on consumer culture.

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