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Editorial da Revista Speak Up Edição 260

Edição Histórica 260

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Dear Speak Up readers, If this is the very first issue you have come across, we hope you enjoy it and that you stay with us. This magazine has been prepared with you in mind. But if you have been a Speak Up reader for some time, we owe you an explanation. After all, you haven’t been receiving your magazine for the past three months. Here’s what happened: the magazine found a home at another publishing house. Unfortunately, our negotiations took longer than expected, but we are happy to share the good news: we now belong to Editora Rickdan at Grupo Educação. And our new team is going to do its best to make this the very best magazine for you. We apologize for the delay and for any trouble this delay has caused. Rest assured that we are working to make Speak Up better than ever. And remember, we are counting on you for your precious support! So enjoy your magazine. We have been gone for a while, but now we are back, thank God. Happy reading!

Karl Kepler



06 Profile:Help Me, Rhonda!
08 This month:The Beach Quiz
10 Travel:The Lost Rivers of London
11 Ireland :St. Patrick’s Isle
15 Strange Stories :Summer Madness
24 Teacher’s Corner :Giving Words
04 Letters & Club
46 Cultural Matters
43 Kids’ Cross
46 Good Life
47 The Last Laugh
47 Agenda
48 Games
50 Song & Lyrics
12 Meet the Press:How people are dealing with the crisis.
16 The Art of Recycling :Confessions of “skip rat” Derek Workman.
18 Duffy’s Delight:How a girl from North Wales became a star.
20 America Forgiven:We meet Hiroshima survivor Takashi Tanemori.
22 The Cost of War:Economist Joseph Stiglitz discusses his disturbing book on Iraq.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 Life After Bollywood:We meet Indian flautist G. S. Rajan.
30 A Dying Art:We talk to a taxidermist.
32 Meeting the Presidents Face to Face:The fascinating story of Mount Rushmore.
35 Whiskey in the Jar:Northern Ireland’s Bushmills distillery celebrates its 400th anniversary.
38 Into the Blogosphere:Continuing our series on “Futurology”.
40 The Book :Don Piper on his death experience.

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