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At the time Sting was lead singer of The Police, many Brazilians asked friends that were visiting the United States to bring them back a pair of Converse All Stars or Levi’s jeans. Now he’s making a quieter comeback with a range of music that includes medieval folk songs, and the number of Brazilians shopping abroad has increased so much that many can cover all the costs of travel with savings reaped from lower-priced goods (of course, regardless of customs policy). This seems to be a good time to have a look at Michael Moore’s documentary on Capitalism, or to hear what the late American Paul Newman has to say on politics. While a London stylist helps women feel good about their bodies instead of running after plastic surgery, and South Pasadenans resist building a freeway through their city, many others consume material things in excess and eat until obesity threatens their lives. In contrast, there’s a group that promotes a non-commercial celebration, the Burning of the Clocks, in Brighton. This is the most commercialized time of the year, and ironically the excuse for that would be a celebration of the birth of Jesus, the one person who said that in the view of the Kingdom of God, the truly happy were those who are poor and those who now suffer. Our wish for you readers, together with a Merry Christmas, is that in spite of our flooded agendas and social events, we find time to understand these true reasons for happiness. Happy reading, and expect new things from Speak Up in the New Year!

Karl Kepler



06 This Month:Brighton’s Burning!
08 Profile:Gok
10 Travel:The Canterbury Tales
12 Living Language:All You Need Is Love
13 Where Are They Now?:Macaulay Culkin

04 Letters & Club
14 Meet the Press
44 Good Life
46 Cultural Matters
47 The Last Laugh
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
16 The Return of Sting:The star on everything from religion to football.
19 Shopping in the U.S.A.:Brazilians buy more than ever before.
22 Capitalism & Me: Michael Moore declares war on Wall Street.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
26 A Rugby Legend:Jonah Lomu tells his remarkable story.
28 Remembering Paul Newman:A tribute to the screen legend, but in his own words.
31 You Are What You Eat :Barry Sears, inventor of “The Zone Diet.”
34 Yummy Leeds!:Wining and dining in the great Yorkshire city.
36 The Other Kate Mosse:We meet the best-selling author of Labyrinth and Sepulchre.
41 A Different Kind of City:The idyllic lifestyle of South Pasadena, California.
42 Pen Names :Why writers often change their names.
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The Return of Sting
O Police é uma recordação distante. Agora Sting cultiva a terra, fala de religião, e seu último CD saiu por ninguém menos que a Deutsche Grammophon. A música? Folk tradicional.

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