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In a certain way, preparing the contents of a Speak Up issue is somewhat similar to what a talk show host does, don’t you think? You must have interesting and varied subjects so that the audience is intrigued, amused, and made aware of what’s going on around the world. We’re covering all of those bases as usual in this issue. For example: while we draw our last lessons from the World Cup, in Europe weather forecasters have passed a hard test with Iceland’s volcano, and face a daily challenge with Britain’s ever-changing conditions. It could be worse, as the forecast for Achill Isle seems to change by the hour. In America, while today we can take children to a night at the museum, it wasn’t always so easy. The weather was a terrible challenge for pioneers in the great westward move, but their unending push forward in search of the unknown is somewhat similar to what Star-Trekkers believe they’re doing today. So what’s the forecast for our near future? Gloomy, as our Futurology page explains – almost nobody is really doing much about climate change. Would you like to see a better world? Visit Bekonscot; sample world music; or else, follow Robin Hood into Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest. Just don’t drink too much, as British teens are doing (over the centuries, apparently). And don’t pretend everybody’s fine, because you might get invited to go shopping.... Have you noticed how much we want your audience? Happy viewing!

Karl Kepler



06 Profile :David Letterman
08 This Month:Britain’s Drink Problem
10 Strange Stories:Food, Glorious Food
12 Travel :The Perfect World of Bekonscot
08 This Month:Britain’s Drink Problem
14 Language :Word Cup Words
04 Letters & Club
11 World Cup
44 Good Life
46 Cultural Matters
47 The Last Laugh
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
15 Come Rain or Shine:We meet the weather men.
18 Filming Robin Hood:On location for Russel Crowe’s latest film.
20 Nottingham’s City of Caves: Want to get closer to the real location?
22 A Night at the Museum:We visit the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 Everybody’s Fine:DeNiro, Barrymore and Paul McCartney.
30 The Wonders of World Music:Emma Lakin on the Putumayo phenomenon.
32 To Boldly Go...:... to Las Vegas, home of the Star Trek fan.
34 Going West:We follow the California and other historic “Trails.”
37 The Eagle Island :Ireland’s beautiful Achill Island.
40 Eco Crimes : The carbon footprint explained.
42 Shopping in Hell :Yet more trauma for John Peter Sloan!
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David Letterman -  America’s Top Talk Show Host
Apesar de comentários sobre seu recente escândalo, David Letterman é um nome fortíssimo – até Obama já passou pelo seu programa de entrevistas. O rei do talk show americano (antecessor de Jô Soares no Brasil), não se aposenta tão cedo...

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