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Two new sections highlight this month’s issue. After many reader requests, we are happy to present Brazilian Business, where we will learn more about our beloved nation’s latest news via the English language. This article, focused on the Brazilian shoe industry, marks the debut of our newest contributing editor, American journalist Bob Moser. You can expect more stuff from him in forthcoming issues. The other new section is our World Cup page, which this year, as we all know, takes place in the English-speaking country of South Africa. Bob teamed up on this article with reporter Levi Guimarães, who has lived in South Africa since last June, and they provide plenty of information and advice for readers who plan to go see the games live – turn to page 26 for the inside scoop. We hope you like both new sections. Remember to send your comments, and, as Lenny Kravitz makes his stand, love and peace for all!

Karl Kepler



06 Profile :Sigourney Weaver
08 This Month:Taxes, Bloody Taxes
10 Where are They Now?:Bobby Charlton
12 Living Language :Native American English
04 Letters & Club
14 Taking on China
26 World Cup
45 Good Life
46 Cultural Matters
47 The Last Laugh
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
14 Taking on China:Can our shoes beat the Red Giant’s?
16 Peace and Love :Lenny Kravitz on our “messed up” world.
18 The Photo Empire : Corbis, Bill Gates’ other company.
22 Celebrity Chefs :Introducing James Martin, the latest example.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 All That Jazz:The reason why they call New York “the Big Apple.”
31 Speak Up in Class:Another insert for language teachers and students.
32 The Long Way Home:Like Napoleon, we head to St. Helena.
36 A Mammoth Discovery: A major site in a small South Dakota town.
38 I Want to Live Forever :The disturbing world of “immortalism.”
40 Ten Things I Can’t Live Without : Leo Hickman tries life without possessions.
42 How to Write a Bestseller :We meet the incredibly successful American author Nicholas Sparks.

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LENNY KRAVITZ - Love and Peace
Lenny Kravitz, um dos poucos verdadeiros rockstars deste milênio, lançou um álbum - entre o rock e o funk - sobre “it’s time for a love revolution”, e na entrevista explica por que também é hora de promover a paz.
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