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Every month we all face some kind of proposal – and have to respond to it. Some of these proposals are new, or at least it seems they are. As people keep dying everywhere, more and more are making arrangements for “green burials.” In America the previously violent city of Baltimore has made a nice comeback; and in Britain a model agency has found success… with “ugly” models. One may ask, “What’s the price of fame?” Madonna has reinvented herself many, many times. Baywatch lifeguards, on the other hand, don’t reinvent – they do as they have been trained to do, and lives are saved. Cat Stevens has changed his name and lifestyle, but he is now wisely changing things back a little. And technology – the one thing we thought could save us – is making many lives miserable. Oh, God, what shall we do? Try your personal war on terror, perhaps. Or what about something different, like going to Cape Town? Happy listening and reading!

Karl Kepler



06 Travel : Cape Town, the Mother City
09 Strange Stories:Bizarre Museums
10 Profile:Anna Wintour
17 Where are They Now? : The Beatles
04 Letters & Club
46 Cultural Matters
47 The Last Laugh
47 Good Life
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
50 Song & Lyrics
12 Meet the Press: Is this particular internet trend already dead?
14 Fabulous Freaks :Marc French runs the amazing Ugly Model Agency.
18 The Proposal: Sandra Bullock is happy to play “a complete bitch” in her latest movie.
22 The Price of Fame: The confessions of rock star Bryan Adams.
24 Summer of ‘69:We analyse his hit song.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 Still a Material Girl :Celebrating Madonna the fashion icon.
30 Good Glorious Food: Author Erica Bauermeister presents her best seller.
32 The Real Baywatch: We meet a genuine California coastguard.
34 The Artist Formerly Known as Cat Stevens: Yusuf (Islam) on his return to music.
37 Baltimore is Back!: The city of Hairspray... and much more.
40 Growing Demand for Green Burials : Leo Hickman on an ecological problem we ignore.
42 Techno-Misery:Our “Futurology” feature.
44 My Personal War on Terror : John Peter Sloan takes a seat...

Matéria em destaque

Sandra Bullock - The Proposal
A sempre cativante Sandra Bullock foi considerada a artista do ano pela Entertainment Weekly e bateu o recorde de rentabilidade para filmes protagonizados por mulheres. Nesta entrevista sobre A Proposta ela revela agruras por que já passou, e no audio expõe sua opinião muito pessoal sobre o casamento.

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