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In our Futurology feature we have a list of gadgets that once seemed like great ideas (to some at least), but ended up becoming expensive filler for drawers or even dustbins. On the other extreme, we have good old music celebrated in Seattle’s new center – through new acts like Katy Perry and also more “established” personalities like England’s Billy Bragg, Ireland’s Sinead, and – why not – The Priests (a welcome phenomenon). All this serves as a fitting introduction to Speak Up’s new website. Though still under construction, it is already serving you with some efficiency. There you will find one of our articles with audio, our Twitter link, occasional events, and also the worksheets that many Speak Up readers have been requesting as teaching tools. We don’t want our website to follow the path of those disposable gadgets; so please help us! Have a look at www.speakup.com.br and share your impressions and wishes. Your magazine might not be able to fulfill all of them, but on our website we will certainly do something to please you. Happy viewing!

Karl Kepler



06 Profile : Carolyn Chute
08 This month:Super Cats!
10 Travel:The Ring of Stones
12 The Modern World:Food Glorious Food!
13 Strange:Advertising Madness
04 Letters & Club
14 Meet the Press
44 Cultural Matters
46 Good Life
47 The Last Laugh
47 Agenda
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
17 Hot’n’Cold Katy: We meet pop star Katy Perry.
20 Billy Bragg’s England:The singer and writer on “progressive patriotism.”
22 A Second Childhood : We visit an “adult playground.”
25 Speak Up in Class: A new insert for language teachers and students.
29 The Lord of Laughs: American stand-up comedy... live from Europe.
32 Art under Attack!: Is New York’s cultural life at risk?
34 Saving the Whale:New Zealand means business.
36 Experience Music!:Seattle, home of the remarkable “EMP.”
39 Hey Joe!: Seattle was also the home of the great late Jimi Hendrix.
40 The Priests: Three Catholic priests from Northern Ireland are pop music’s latest sensation.
42 Totally Useless!: In “Futurology” we look at the failures of gadgetry.

Matéria em destaque

Hot’n’Cold -  Katy Perry
Tendo crescido numa família com formação religiosa restritiva e tendo sido descartada por gravadoras, Katy Perry finalmente comemora seu sucesso.
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