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Is Kate Nash’s album “Made of Bricks” somehow related to Monica Ali’s “Brick Lane”? Is there any similarity between Britney Spears and Britain’s Piers? And what about genuine French Champagne being produced in South Britain? And since when did flying become ten times cheaper than taking a train? A lot is happening while the world is talking about the American elections (with maybe a little break for the Olympics), but even there one maxim much heard in past elections is now being challenged: the one that says Democrats and Republicans are pretty much the same thing. Only time will tell, but American voters are feeling that essential differences might be stronger this year, even if external platitudes look similar. Whether 350-year-old-and-running Punch and Judy are the greatest show on Earth, or whether that award should go to some podcast (or to the Paul Potts rendering in YouTube), well, that might be arguable. Whether New York grafitti is better art and more pleasurable than Ireland’s Galway Festival might be hard to tell. But it’s not difficult to see the differences between the Democratic candidate and the Republican candidate this year. Your magazine’s the only one that “speaks” – and so we felt we had to bring both candidates’ speeches for you to listen to, and to choose between, so to speak. Happy politics, so to speak…

Karl Kepler



06 Profile:Paul Potts Superstar
08 Travel:St. Michael’s Mount
10 Strange Stories:Warm is Beautiful!
46 Teacher’s Corner:Keep it Up
04 Letters & Club
44 The Good Life
45 Cultural
47 Agenda/The Last Laugh
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
12 The High Price of Low-cost Travel:Cheap flights are bad news for the environment.
14 Is the Man McCain or Obama?:Two speeches, and the views of Republican voters.
18 Animal Farm:Britain’s pets are getting a better deal.
20 The Art of Madness:We meet British author Patrick McGrath.
22 Physical Graffiti :Dan Whedon used to spray New York’s subway trains...
25 Speak Up in Class :The young English singer is the latest sensation.
27 Kate Nash Drama Queen:We meet the cast of The Water Horse.
30 The Greatest Show on Earth:The timeless magic of Punch and Judy.
32 The Invasion of the Pod People :We continue our series on the future...
34 The Art of Galway:Welcome to Ireland’s most important arts festival.
36 Walking on Water :Piers are a key part of Britain’s landscape.
40 Brick Lane:An excerpt from Monica Ali’s cult novel.

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Obama or McCain - American Elections
Beneficiado pela longa e penosa disputa Clinton-Obama, o senador republicano seria agora favorito à presidência? Mas e a “onda Obama”? Ouçamos os dois concorrentes. By Lorenza Cerbini and Karl Kepler
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