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It’s amazing how real, virtual and imaginary mingle with each other in our world. With June 12 in the background, we suggest you take your sweetheart either to London, or to set-jetting (a word coined for the moving of people from one movie set to another) in England, or even to close encounters in Wyoming. On the virtual side, Facebook earns millions of dollars for an American boy, and many gadgets “available” through the Internet can become romantic gifts. And what about reality? A young woman gets dismissed from her job and goes taxi driving in New York, at night! A lady of good writing skills and a certain age spends two years (!) trying to live as poor Americans do – it seems women are more realistic here. But then we come to Women’s Day at Ascot… And you? Imagination, virtual life or reality? How good that Speak Up has all of them for you!

Karl Kepler



06 This month:Royal Ascot
08 Profile:Mark Zuckerberg
10 Travel: Bletchley Park
12 Strange Stories:Bizarre is Beautiful
27 Teacher’s Corner :Let’s Do It
04 Letters & Club
44 The Good Life
45 Cultural
47 Agenda
47 Comics
47 The Last Laugh
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
14 Taxi Driver:Meet Melissa Plaut, a highly original writer –and “cabbie”– from New York City.
16 The Business of Cleaning:We meet the “Merry Maids.”
18 Film Tourism:What if Brazilian movies helped promote tourism in Brazil? Karl Kepler went to Britain to find out how they do it (very well) there.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 London in Love :Our special guide for June 12.
32 Gadgets of the Future, Available Now :We continue our series on the future…
34 A (Loch Ness) Monster of a Movie :We meet the cast of The Water Horse.
36 Close Encounters in Wyoming:Devils Tower is a remarkable place.
37 The Heart and Soul of Seattle:This year marks an unusual centenary.
40 Nickel and Dimed:A disturbing book by Barbara Ehrenreich.

Matéria em destaque

Film Tourism - A New Trend in Britain
Unir as forças da indústria turística com o poder dos estúdios de cinema? Esse casamento de milhões de dólares já aconteceu, e a Inglaterra está à frente, colhendo os frutos. Text and photos by Karl Kepler
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