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While Liverpool is 800 years old, Dustin Hoffman’s Mr. Magorium is 243, Seattle’s Pike Place Market is 100, and India is 60 years without Gandhi. While Fergie plays with who she is not, New Yorkers eat garbage that is not, Hay-on-Wye sells royal titles that are not, and Western Style users dress as the cowboys (and girls) they aren’t, we get to know that Yellow Submarine was only a song for children, and that Ringo Starr is still living peace and love. Are you going to need help? Or maybe you think radio is bound to end? Can we still make it? What is all this about? A short history of nearly everything, between Edinburgh and Braided Hair. Happy Reading!

Karl Kepler



06 This month:The Ghosts of Edinburgh
08 Profile:Fergie
10 Travel: Hay-on-Wye. Book Fever!
12 Teacher’s Corner :Making It
31 Teacher’s Corner:In the Bag
04 Letters & Club
43 The Good Life
44 Cultural
45 Agenda
46 Comics
47 The Last Laugh
48 Games
50 Song & Lyrics
14 Liverpool 08 :Liverpool is a “European Capital of Culture” and Ringo has a new album out!
20 Dustin Hoffman: the Magic of the Movies:The legendary actor discusses his latest role.
22 The Freegan Phenomenon:New York, where food can be free...
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 What Would Gandhi Think? :The legacy of the great Indian leader.
30 Help (and how to get it) :Author Nora Klaver explains how.
32 Radio Gigabytes :We continue our series on the future…
34 Western Style:Cowboys and cowgirls – and their clothes – are in fashion these days.
37 The Heart and Soul of Seattle:This year marks an unusual centenary.
40 A Short History of Nearly Everything:A reading from Bill Bryson’s splendid book.

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Liverpool - The European Capital of Culture
A cidade dos Beatles ficou grande; e belíssima. Este ano é obrigatória uma viagem a Liverpool, Capital Européia da Cultura 2008. Palavra de Ringo Starr, que lhe dedicou um CD.
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