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The Big Five-0, Perfect Harmony, Ring of Love and Friendship… these are some of the titles of our articles in this special month. Speak Up has just turned 21, a full majority (though not as long-lasting as the Jurassic Coast, I’m afraid). But the merit for our longevity can only be credited to you, dear reader, who keeps interested in Speak Up’s content, in the English language, and in the information and entertainment we provide every month. It’s been a real privilege to accompany this magazine and your reactions over all these years, and I’m thankful to God for being able to follow along until now. In this new year, you can expect more surprises, more interesting subjects and interviews; hopefully, ever-fewer mistakes and more goals. And we most sincerely expect you to be with us. Happy anniversary, long live Speak Up!

Karl Kepler



06 This month:The Big Five-0
08 Profile:Hilary Duff, The Perfect Girl
10 Travel: Hiking in the UK
12 Strange Stories:The Word’s Smallest Pub
31 Teacher’s Corner:In the Bag
04 Letters & Club
45 Cultural Matters
44 The Good Life
46 Comics
47 The Last Laugh
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
13 Nicole Kidman Superstar:The Australian diva is currently appearing in two movies.
16 The City of Books:We get lost in Powell’s in Portland, Oregon.
18 Garibaldi in America:We visit a little known museum in New York.
22 Hope in South Dakota:Is there a brighter future for Native Americans?
24 Speak Up in Class :A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 The Ring of Love and Friendship :Galway, birthplace of the Claddagh Ring.
32 Perfect Harmony:The music school founded by Yehudi Menuhin
34 Dorset, Devon and Dinosaurs  :A trip to England’s beautiful and mysterious Jurassic Coast.
38 Simulating Life:We continue our series on the future.
40 Meeting Point:To go or not to go? A short story by Ben White.

Matéria em destaque

Nicole Kidman - Superstar
Depois da polêmica que se seguiu ao filme infantil A Bússola de Ouro (The Golden Compass), Nicole Kidman volta à cena com Margot at the Wedding (até agora somente para DVD no Brasil). Nesta entrevista a atriz fala de suas prioridades entre diretores e papéis, e também por que até divas às vezes enfrentam fracassos de bilheteria....
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