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“All the news that’s fit to print” is the nice slogan of the glorious New York Times, but we would like to borrow it a little. As world communication grows at an overwhelming speed, the amount of news in all fields of life builds up in our senses. New news come in by the second, making the choice between what is important, what is interesting, what is good fun and what is completely irrelevant an increasingly difficult task. The new lonely girl on the Internet is interesting? Possibly. The alternative, really free market is good fun? Positively – for some. Amy Winehouse’s drama and talent? Important for some, interesting for others. Txt generation? Yes, the other way around. A literary short story? No news, but can be very instructive and amusing. A song, with glossary? May not be my favorite, but definitely makes good listening. And so on and on. Every month you find in your Speak Up a good variety of selected subjects, covering many fields of interest, so that all the news fit to print can be at hand – and in your ears – for culture, information, leisure and entertainment. Therefore, may we or may we not borrow the slogan? Enjoy your mag!.

Karl Kepler



06 This month:The Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race
08 Travel:LonelyGirl15
10 Travel:The Really Really Free Market
15 Teacher’s Corner:A Big Deal
04 Letters & Club
44 Cultural Matters
45 The Good Life
46 Jam / Comics
47 Agenda / The Last Laugh
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
12 Rehab? No! No! No!:Amy Winehouse frankly discusses her drink problem.
16 All the News that’s Fit to Print:New York’s finest papers and magazines.
20 Me Tom, You Jane...:Anne Hathaway on Becoming Jane.
24 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 A Rich Aroma :We meet a man with an unusual job.
30 Breathe in... Breathe out... :“Breathwalking” is the latest health trend.
32 The Txt Generation:We continue our series on the future...
34 Ireland’s Wild West  :The Aran Islands are remote... and beautiful.
38 A Room with a View:Treehouses can provide the perfect holiday.
40 Rock with Mother:And what if the Old Lady doesn’t want to cooperate? A short story by Valerie Collins.

Matéria em destaque

Amy Winehouse - Time for Rehab?
Agressiva, instável, genial e autodestrutiva: aos 24 anos, a grande vencedora do Grammy é tida como a melhor vocalista do mundo. Nesta entrevista, conduzida no final do ano passado, Amy Winehouse relata seu drama pessoal, presente no sucesso “Rehab”.
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