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We wish you a very good 2008, together with your magazine, of course. And a new year brings new features to Speak Up: in the last pages you’ll see two brain-teasing crosswords, for different English knowledge levels. Then there’s the new Kids’ Cross page, where you and the kids can play with the language. Besides that, there are our “audio extras,” which can be retrieved straight from Speak Up’s website: www.speakup.com.br - normally an extra question answered by our interviewees, for readers who want to know more. And, last but not least, our cover story, which comprises the two first installments of the new series by Willliam Sutton: The Future – and how to cope with it. In the forthcoming months William will accompany us in the realms of technology, gadgets and equipment that are bringing a lot of changes to the English language – and to our lives, taking us “to infinity, and beyond”. Happy New Year ­ ­- and Happy Speak Up!

Karl Kepler



06 This month:The Pirates of Florida
08 Travel:Dustin Hoffman
10 Teacher’s Corner:Shark Tales
04 Letters & Club
44 Cultural Matters
45 The Good Life
46 Comics
47 The Last Laugh
48 Games
49 Kids’ Cross
50 Song & Lyrics
12 Meet the Press :This column will change your life.
14 Are You Feeling Sicko?:Michael Moore’s hard-hitting documentary.
16 Life After Supertramp:Roger Hodgson on the band’s recent revival.
20 Elizabeth: The Golden Age:The movie review plus an interview with Cate Blanchett.
22 The Race to the Top :TThe Empire State Building hosts an unusual event.
25 Speak Up in Class :A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 In Pole Position:Erotic dancing can also help you keep fit!
30 The Future and How to Cope With It :The start of a fascinating new series.
32 When Phones Rule the World:We continue our series on the future…
34 The Whisky Cruise:This is a great way to see Scotland.
40 The Lesson:A timely short story that recalls the good old impeachment days, by John Amacker.

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The Future and How to Cope With It
Qual a sua relação com o ambiente cibernético? Você é fanático ou tecnofóbico? Quer gostemos ou não, a tecnologia digital continua avançando, e também falando inglês. Começando agora, Speak Up apresenta uma série de artigos para ajudar você a navegar nesses mares.
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