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When one talks about Paul McCartney, it’s difficult not to think of John Lennon, and even of George Harrisson and the Beatles. And just as American drive-in movies resist galantly, but in steadily decreasing numbers, stars like Paul remind us that the end is nigh, and in fact has already arrived for many. It’s always just a minority who, like the Simpsons, American TV’s longest-runnning show, seem to survive a little more. Yes, sad and unjust things happen along the way, but now a new approach to justice is being attempted, turning crime into something more personal, in a hope that offenders may learn not to be offenders any longer. But while we wait for justice, how about touring Britain’s waterways? Or discovering Ireland’s gourmet side? After all, as our American City Life pages show this month, our world always has a very happy and a very sad side. And it’s not always up to us to make the choices, be we Paul or be we John. Therefore, let’s have a wise reading of our own stories (all this, actually, was to introduce two small notes on our Cultural Matters page – have a look and see what you think)!

Karl Kepler



06 Profile:Nancy Pelosi
08 This month: Guitar Legends
10 Travel:Rochester Celebrates Dickens
12 Strange Stories:It’s a man’s world!
37 Teacher´s Corner:Take that!
04 Letters & Club
27 Crosswords
45 The Good Life
46 Agenda
47 Cultural Matters
48 Comics
49 The Last Laugh
50 Song & Lyrics
14 Meet the Press:More fun stories from the international press.
16 Crime & Punishment:So what is “restorative justice” exactly?
18 Thanks for the Memories:Paul McCartney looks back over his eventful life.
22 The Great American Family:Matt Groening on The Simpsons Movie.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 Movies under the Stars:Drive-in theaters: pure American romance!
31 Gourmet Island :If you want to enjoy top quality cuisine, then Kinsale in County Cork is the place to go.
34 English Sells:An amusing look at the use and abuse of English.
36 Exploring Britain’s Waterways:For pure relaxation you can’t beat a canal holiday.
40 American City Life:Readings by Steve Martin and Don DeLillo.

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Paul McCartney - Thanks for the Memories
Aos 65 anos, o músico mais popular da história do pop não pensa em sair de cena. Seu último álbum, Memory Almost Full - conforme adiantado na edição passada - é de fato a recordação de toda uma carreira, e são muitas as lembranças! Acompanhe a entrevista, na própria voz de Sir Paul.
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