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Would you ever believe that paradisiacal Florianópolis could become the center of a big, international hacker scheme? And that British secret agents were sent there to neutralize it? Well, have a look at Archie and the Dutchmen of Campeche to find out how the story goes. Meanwhile, the survivals (like Paul) and the revivals (like Genesis) in the music market don’t keep promising new arrivals like Rihanna from conquering a place in the sun. Maybe the music market is somehow similar to Canada’s ice hotel, which opens every year for four months, just to melt all over again – and is beautiful in its short life! Or just as Bruno, our sound editor, commented: “It’s amazing that jazz doesn’t make much success, but jazz festivals (like Cork’s) do”. And talking about melting away, finally there’s a “winter” sport in which Brazilians can perform world class (though currently are way behind Americans): sand boarding, which, unlike its snowy counterpart, can be practiced the year round, as there will always be a sand dune waiting for you (or more so, with global warming…). What do you think, time to get on board? But I didn’t have time to talk about Venice’s biennial, or the Brixton tour, or New York on a bike… Never mind, you’ll find out soon. Happy slopes!

Karl Kepler



06 Profile:Paul McCartney
08 This month: The Genesis Reunion
10 Travel:The Island of Mull
12 Strange Stories:The Ice Hotel
37 Teacher´s Corner:Go Words!
04 Letters & Club
27 Crosswords
45 The Good Life
46 Agenda
47 Cultural Matters
48 Comics
49 The Last Laugh
50 Song & Lyrics
14 Meet the Press:There’s something new in the girls’ magazine market.
16 The Umbrella Girl:Barbadian singer Rihanna on her smash hit single.
18 Welcome to Brixton:Brixton is for tourists who want to see a different London.
22 Biking the Big Apple:An unusual alternative for tourists in New York.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 An American in Venice:Robert Storr on the challenge of the Biennale.
32 Jeffrey and Judas :We meet controversial author Jeffrey Archer.
34 All That Jazz!:A fun festival in Ireland’s “second city,” Cork.
38 Master of Sands:Sandboarding is the latest American sports craze.
41 Archie and the Dutchmen of Campeche:Florianópolis is the unsuspected center of a big hacker scheme.

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Rihanna - The Umbrella Girl
Rihanna, a good girl gone bad que encantou Jay-Z, é natural de Barbados e, apesar de muito jovem, iniciou uma carreira promissora.
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