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What is the worst horror that could happen to a shop owner? Being robbed, probably, would rank high on the list. So pay special attention to our Meet the Press feature – it could save your business, maybe your life! Our “shop horror,” though, is rather metaphorical, from a language’s point of view. Another metaphor present in this month’s mag is the life and plight of donkeys in Ireland and, presumably, all over the world. Donkeys are docile, very useful for many tasks, carrying whatever you can place on their backs. But if they are mistreated, they suffer and end up living a lot less than when they are well nurtured and looked after. Have you ever thought that, just as there are suffering and dying donkeys, so there are also languages, in the same situation? These are becoming extinct in great numbers, and at an impressive speed. Therefore, let’s take good care of your languages (the first and the second, too), so we won’t be robbed of them, but instead they may live longer – and happier. Enjoy your native tongue, and treat your English well - speak it, read it, listen to it, enjoy it! Happy Speak Up!

Karl Kepler



06 Profile:Lewis Hamilton
08 This month: Tell me what you wear...
10 Travel:Blackpool
12 Strange Stories:Cats
24 Teacher´s Corner:Journalism word
04 Letters & Club
42 Crosswords
44 The Good Life
46 Agenda
47 Cultural Matters
48 Comics
49 The Last Laugh
50 Song & Lyrics
14 Meet the Press:If you meet a criminal, smile!
16 Shop Horror!:A hilarious book chronicles Britain’s best – and worst – shop names
18 Harlem A New Renaissance:Things are looking up in New York
22 The Problem with the British:Singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock explains.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 Viva Las Vegas!:Why movie stars just love “Sin City.”
32 Cartoon Hero :Dan Pearce on the art of the comic strip.
34 Donkey Love:Can be found in the Irish countryside...
36 Dying Languages:A language becomes extinct every two weeks.
38 Erica Jong is Back!:An interview (and excerpt) from her latest book.

Matéria em destaque

Lewis Hamilton - Profile of a Champion
Inglês de origem caribenha, Lewis Hamilton é a nova estrela da Fórmula 1. Aos 22 anos, é o mais jovem piloto a subir no pódio, e sério candidato ao título. By John Rigg
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