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Who could imagine the great success that Harry Potter’s stories would have, first in the books, then - more expectedly - in the movies? Thus, before they wrap up the series, let’s have a closer look with William Sutton at the language aspect involved. In the less fictional world, as soon as Harry hangs up his magic wand and flying broom, the stage will feature a young and good actor, Daniel Radcliffe, who has been receiving great reviews in London. And, dear reader, what about your flights? Ben White guides us in an exploration of language and post-graduate studies in both the US and the UK. And please check Bernard Rangel’s arguments in favor of making a decisive move to master a second language - English, of course. In case you fancy a holiday, there’s “Little England” Barbados, and Maine’s “Potatoland” to choose from. But don’t forget to consider global warming (and, in Brazil, airport warnings) when you fly or else the wolves won’t be the only ones running the risk of extinction. Could Harry solve that problem?

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06 This month:Tattoo Time
08 Profile:Daniel Radcliffe.
10 Holiday:Barbados
12 Travel:Welcome to Potatoland
24 Teacher´s Corner:Get words!
04 Letters & Club
38 Crosswords
44 The Good Life
46 Agenda
47 Cultural Matters
48 Comics
49 The Last Laugh
50 Song & Lyrics
14 State of the Union:The Scots are hoping to achieve independence.
17 Harry Potter and the Untranslatable Names:The challenge of J. K. Rowling for translators.
20 The Bookstores of New York:Our guide to the best in the Big Apple.
25 Speak Up in Class:A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 A Guide to Studying Abroad:Ben White explores the best options for language, post-graduate, and MBA courses in the US and the UK.
34 Not Cricket :A murder has rocked this very English game...
36 The Big Bad Wolf :Wolves are not the evil creatures of legend.
40 The Weather Makers:Australian ecologist Tim Flannery’s disturbing book.
43 Nightmare Scenario:We interview Tim Flannery, the author of the book.
52 Bonus: America’s Yesteryears

Matéria em destaque

Daniel Radcliffe
Pode ser que para ele o melhor ainda esteja por vir. Agora que a saga de Harry Potter está para terminar, Daniel Radcliffe pode finalmente mostrar que é um ator a toda prova - confira sua estréia nos palcos de Londres.
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