Edição 279

Radio hasn’t been featured a lot on Speak Up’s pages and it actually should be, due to the similarities shared in audio content. So this month you’ll find two articles to make up for lost time. Countless critics over the years have thought radio was doomed to extinction, but no, see how it has survived and constantly reinvented itself over 100-plus years. Your magazine is not that old, but with 23 years in the Brazilian market, we must have learned a little about reinvention and staying fresh, too. You can expect new things from Speak Up in the coming months.
Another topic of riches in this issue is rock singers and bands: from U2’s latest tour to Yoko Ono, from Justin Timberlake to Faithless, plus a Language feature about the real names of some of our favorite artists, and The Song linking video and radio. We have quite a wide range of theses powerful “language transmitters.” What else is on tap? Chill out on the nice, slow pace of British waterways, learn about New York’s complicated developments at Ground Zero, meet the Duchess of York, and enjoy America’s Dog’s Life to top it all off.

Happy reading and listening, and long live Speak Up!
Karl Kepler

06 This Month: The Radio Centenary
08 Profile: U2 On Tour
10 Where Are They Now?: John Major
11 Living Language: Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!
14 Nine years after 9/11: So what’s the future for Ground Zero?
18 Yoko in the Sky: The great Yoko Ono has all the answers.
21 The Artist Formerly Known as Princess: Sarah Ferguson on her life as a film producer.
24 Changing Places: Justin Timberlake on his dual career.
26 Speak Up in Class: A new insert for language teachers and students.
27 A London Landmark: The splendid Tate Modern celebrates its tenth birthday.
30 Fantasy For Real: Build your own team to compete for fame (and money)
32 Forever Faithless: Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz look back.
34 Life in the Slow Lane: Enjoy the relaxing world of England’s canals.
38 What’s Their Real Name?: Rock stars and their bizarre pseudonyms.
41 Video Killed the Radio Star: An analysis of The Buggles’ classic 1979 hit.
42 It’s a Dog’s Life: John Peter Sloan and LA: a lethal cocktail!


Issue 279

Issue 279