Edição 278

A magazine could be seen as a chat roulette – you have a look at the article, maybe start reading it, and either continue until the end or quickly press the “next” button, depending on your interest. Or maybe we could compare it to the Force, and light sabers wielded by Luke Skywalker and others in Star Wars. They’re normally used for good, but what if they were focused instead on fiery destruction, like Guy Fawkes? One could paint oneself blue and stay on the edge of wrong, or lead a calmer life, like Joan Armatrading or the Gongmaster.
If everything goes wrong, try making like Florence Nightingale, working and helping when and where no one wants you to. Maybe a walk on the Freedom Trail could help. If you get lost, or stranded, telling a story may help you find your way out – even if supermarkets are closed. You see how your magazine is useful for everyday life? We’ll never be “Yesterday.”

Happy reading and listening!
Karl Kepler

06 Profile: Chatroulette
08 This Month: It’s Bonfire Night
10 Where are they now?: Mark Hamill
14 Blue Magic!: The Blue Man Group, a unique theatrical experience.
17 On the Edge of Wrong: The art of Alan Rankle and Kirsten Reynolds.
20 Don Conreaux, the Gongmaster: Introducing a decidedly original form of therapy.
22 This Charming Career: Joan Armatrading on her 20th album.
25 Speak Up in Class: A new insert for language teachers and students.
28 The Voices behind Shrek: Why you have to see this movie in English!.
31 The Lady with the Lamp: Florence Nightingale, “the world’s first celebrity.”
34 America’s Walking City: Boston is best on foot.
37 Let Me Tell You a Story: Storyteller Rona Barbour provides one of her best.
40 Lost and Stranded: William Sutton meditates on an unusual word.
42 Sunday, Bloody Sunday: John Peter Sloan is in trouble again!