Edição 274

If you like football, you must have turned all your attention to South Africa this month in order to get the most of the FIFA World Cup. Speak Up’s reporter is there too, as you’ll see on page 12. If you aren’t a football fanatic you’ll also find plenty of interesting content in this issue. From England’s resort town of Poole to Mark Twain’s home in Connecticut, discover the world of magic’s young heir to Houdini’s throne, the spirit of Native American art, a persevering Iranian architect, Australia’s Red Center, and John Peter’s mother.
We are still waiting for your stories (those who haven’t sent them yet), hoping that you take part in Speak Up’s writing contest. Check the rules again and send your entry by July 1. You think you don’t stand a chance? Think again.
Luck is the fruit of hard work, and just by applying you’ve likely outworked most of your peers. You’ll learn inside how the much-feared microwave oven can now be considered the greenest cooking device on Earth. Jim Carrey made himself look like a big-brained guy, and a man has beaten a horse in a race. You too can create a unique, entertaining story, so go for the prize!

Happy viewing!
Karl Kepler

06 Profile: Zaha Hadid
08 This Month: Man vs. Horse
10 Travel: Welcome to Poole
12 South Africa’s Rainbow Moment: What will be the effect of the World Cup?
16 The Ultimate Romantic Comedy: Why Jim Carrey loves Philips Morris.
18 As She Is...: Alicia Keys on her life and music.
20 No One: We analyse her hit song.
21 Strange Stories: Dog Days
22 Mark Twain 100 Years On: Celebrating “the father of American literature”.
25 Speak Up in Class: A new insert for language teachers and students.
26 An Escape Artist: Guinness World Record holder David Straitjacket.
30 Finding Beauty: South Dakota’s Native American art.
32 A Game of Chess: We meet Northern Irish novelist Ronan Bennett.
34 Sporting Legends: The sporting world has some pretty strange names.
36 The Red Centre: The wonders of Uluru, in the Australian outback.
40 The Mother from Hell: Yet more trauma for John Peter Sloan!
42 Wave Power: Ecologist Leo Hickman defends the microwave.