Edição 273

This issue is placing a round of bets in English, and hopefully you, dear reader, will be a winner in the end. Across the table sit two serious issues – the end of the world, according to the Mayans’ theory of 2012, alongside a critical view of society’s treatment of the planet by Vandana Shiva.
To our left, some stories we can be optimistic about – the city of Leeds builds a reputation for music, Wyoming props the Old West style, and American stars help improve Brazilian basketball. In the middle you’ll find the game’s newcomers – teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson, Greta Scacchi, and the medically intriguing Emotional Freedom Techniques. Let’s not forget about our humor writers Bali Rai and John Peter Sloan, whose “wedding cards” tell a great story about arranged marriages, and “unarranged” ones. Who will you put your money on? For the chance at a real payout, check out Speak Up’s Writing Contest, which is back after many years.
Choose a character from one of these articles, real or fictitious, and make up your own story or poem about them (but don’t forget the rules in the process). An English course in Toronto is the grand prize.

Ready, set, write!
Karl Kepler

06 Profile: Daniel Pinchbeck
08 This Month: Bay to Breakers
14 Travel: Politicians’ London
19 A Star is Born: An audience with “heart throb” Robert Pattinson.
20 The Great Greta Scacchi: The nomadic star looks back on her impressive acting career.
23 U.S. Basketball comes to Brazil: Can American players help our national league?
25 Speak Up in Class: A new insert for language teachers and students.
29 The Best in the West: Sheridan, Wyoming, where the cowboy is king.
31 The Musical City: The English city of Leeds has a lot to offer.
34 My Emotional Freedom: “Tapping” is the latest trend in alternative therapy.
36 Food for Thought: Environmental activist Vandana Shiva explains why the World Bank and the IMF are wrong.
40 When Two Become Three: John Peter Sloan attempts to reproduce himself.
42 Life in Multi-Cultural Britain: Bali Rai presents his book (Un)arranged Marriage.