321 - Unfinished London

Stand-up comedian Jay Foreman talks about his “Unfinished London” project:

Jay Foreman (Standard British accent)

Unfinished London is a short series online that I made two years ago which discusses that very thing; the Tube stations that they started building but didn’t finish. And you can see the evidence is still there. So, near Edgware, where I live, there’s... brick arches that seemingly are there for no reason, and bridges that stretch over nothing, and the start of a tunnel that doesn’t go anywhere. And the reason that all of these curious things are here is because they’re part of the extension to the Northern Line that was started but never finished. And I thought it made a really fascinating topic for a documentary. So my friend Paul (Kendler – ed) and I, we cobbled the facts together and then we made a documentary about it, but we made it a comedy documentary, so that people would watch. And it’s gone quite well, and... enough people watched it that made us think, “Well, let’s make a second one.” So we then made Episode 2, which was about similar sort of stories, but for London’s motorways, and Episode 3, which we’re working on and, hopefully, will be out by, who knows? January, February – I’d probably better not say, because it might never be finished at this rate – but Episode 3 will be about London’s airports, and there’s similar stories to tell there as well. So, for example, why is Heathrow, the world’s busiest international airport, what’s it doing in the middle of the London suburbs? And is it really true that they’re going to build an airport in the middle of the Estuary, on reclaimed land in the middle of the sea? And has it been thought of before? So there’s loads of stuff to discuss, that’s what Unfinished London 3, hopefully, if it ever finished, is going to be about.

(Jay Forman was talking to Mark Worden)

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