271 - Sax and the City

Speak Up features an interview with Stacy Dillard, a jazz saxophonist who is based in New York. In this out-take we asked him how jazz music was surviving during the current economic crisis:

Stacy Dillard (African American accent):
Well, I think in due time, we’ll start to feel the blow, but right… as of right now, things haven’t changed too much for… for musicians, unless you’re one to travel a lot, like to go overseas, like if you’re one of the cats that go overseas all the time, if that’s how you … if that’s how you make your money, like a lot of people, you know, they have a gig where three, four months out of the year they’re in Japan or something like that, or, you know, it may or may not affect them, or I’m not sure but, for me and the work that I do and because I’m so spread out, I’m not just in jazz, I… I work with, you know, all genres, because I love all the music, and if I only had to do jazz, I would go crazy, so it hasn’t yet to affect me, so to speak, and the people that I’m surrounded by more often, because we all do the same thing, and the fact that R&B and hip-hop artists still have large audiences, they’ll still sell… they’ll still sell out on a tour, you know, they’ll still make a lot of money, so you’re still able to… to work and the fact that you’re not going to make a boatload of money playing jazz in this city anyway, so it’s… you know, they’re not … it’s not… it’s not too much different because people still need to feel something real! So coming out to hear some live music is one of many things that you can do, if you need a… a break from what’s going on around you, like whether you’re at work and it’s stressful because of the economic crisis, come down to… to the club, unwind a little bit, listen to some music, refresh you a little bit. People are still going to do that because the economy hasn’t been hurt to the point where people can’t afford to do that. Because I’m sure the bars aren’t hurt either because it’s stressful, you know, a lot of people want to have a drink after work, you know, and they go home and relax, have a drink or listen to music or do both.
So on that it hasn’t… it hasn’t hurt yet, although I did have a tour in Italy, I was supposed… I’m supposed to be in Italy right now, it got canceled for economic reasons, but that’s… that’s the only blow I’ve taken and it’s… it’s not that bad because I’ve been able to fill in those dates anyway with some other work. So it’s OK; I would have loved to go!

(Stacy Dillard was talking to Lorenza Cerbini)
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