268 - Detroit Rocks!

Mark Worden (Standard British accent):
Speak Up contains an interview with the rock star Suzi Quatro. In this out-take she explains why her home town, Detroit, Michigan, has produced so much great music:

Suzi Quatro (Standard American accent):
It’s… don’t forget we had Motown, which was superb, that was the black movement, and then we had this white energy rock movement, you know. It’s an industrial city, it’s rich, it’s poor, it’s black and white, so you’ve got this real fight, this real “We gotta get out of this place” type of feeling, you know, and I grew up with all those bands, we played our gigs together. Musically, I think, Detroit’s probably one of the best cities. And all that great… that great Motown influence: that also came out in the white bands.