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Sometimes we aim at one goal but end up hitting another, which ends up being better than we ever expected. The movie industry has grown increasingly concerned in recent years about DVD copies and piracy. How could they make people go back to the cinemas instead of buying a copy on the street and watching at home? 3D technology was a possible answer, and so the studios invested. But 3D had always been used in films for cheap thrills and shock value, more suitable to a theme park than to a movie theater. So studios explored substance over style in their 3D films, and thanks to that choice viewers were able to enjoy very successful 3D versions of “Up” and “Avatar”, with more to come in 2010. It’s all part of the industry’s effort to keep its clients coming back for more – and possibly recapture the interest of those who’ve strayed from the theaters. But in the end, regardless of motivation, the result has been a beautiful new approach to film making. How long will it last? Hopefully longer than Dubai’s extravaganzas, and can offer more delight than machine translation… Happy Reading!own? Happy listening and reading!

Karl Kepler



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