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    06 Profile:J.K. Rowling
    08 This month:Mother’s Day
    10 Sport:Football Fever!
    14 Strange Stories :This world
    19 Teacher’s Corner:The Language of Business
    04 Letters & Club
    28 Worksheet
    41 Kids’ Cross
    45 Good Life
    47 Cultural Matters
    48 Games
    49 The Last Laugh
  • This is our second issue at our new home, Editora Rickdan. We still have things to work on, but some parts of Speak Up have already been improved (like the new multimedia). We hope you have noticed that your favorite magazine is headed towards full strength. A bit like our cover story, where a young actress enacts an historical person, good old features should continue to please you – sometimes with a new look.

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Edição Histórica 248

Criado em 01 Janeiro 2018. Publicado em 2018

... With It :The start of a fascinating new series. 32 When Phones Rule the World:We continue our series on the future… 34 The Whisky Cruise:This is a great way to see Scotland. 40 The Lesson:A timely ...

356 - Recommended reading: Move Along, Please

Criado em 28 Março 2017. Publicado em 2017

Mark Mason (Standard British accent) Hi, I’m Mark Mason. I’m the author of Move Along, Please. It was my book in which I went from Land’s End to John o’ Groats, the whole length of Britain, by local ...

352 - The Queen's Christmas message 2014

Criado em 30 Novembro 2016. Publicado em 2016

... like the couple in the sculpture. Of course, reconciliation takes different forms. In Scotland after the referendum many felt great disappointment, while others felt great relief; and bridging these ...

Edição 351

Criado em 02 Outubro 2016. Publicado em 2016

... Banksy. 40 Letters From Scotland:Jessica Brockmole on the writing process. 42 Language Files:Color or Colour? Ask Noah Webster! 44 Take a Gap Year!: Before going to university. 45 LearnEnglish ...

Edição 348

Criado em 31 Julho 2016. Publicado em 2016

...    06 Donald Trump:The world’s biggest nightmare? 08 The Reality of Rio:What foreigners think of the Olympics in Brazil. 10 Pitlochry:Scotland’s hidden gem. 12 Mark Spitz:An Olympic legend. 14 ...

347 - Prince Charles’s school days

Criado em 28 Junho 2016. Publicado em 2016

Federico Torti (Standard British accent) So Prince Charles went to my school (Gordonstoun in Scotland – ed) back in, I think, the ‘70s or ‘60s, and he didn’t really enjoy his time there initially. ...

Edição 339

Criado em 01 Novembro 2015. Publicado em 2015

... 13th!:We hope you aren’t superstitious... 08 St. Andrew’s Day:It’s party time in Scotland! 10 Lewis Hamilton:Is he a victim of racism? 12 Shazam:The Duran Duran lead singer is now in his 50s 13 ...

323 - On Tv

Criado em 03 Julho 2014. Publicado em 2014

... p to watch "NatGeo Wild: Scotland" with this promo video highlighting the wilderness of Scotland:  ...


Criado em 14 Junho 2014. Publicado em 2014

... England grew. It has never been a frequent accent, though, apart from that. It’s never been spoken by more than 5 per cent of the population of England, never been spoken as a norm in Scotland and Wales ...

Extras Speak Up 320

Criado em 07 Abril 2014. Publicado em 2014

320 - Friendly Winnipeg 320 - How The Beawer Saved Canada 320 - An Image of Scotland 320 - How to Talk Like Shakespeare 320 - Wilko Johnson Rocks  ...

Edição 320

Criado em 19 Julho 2013. Publicado em 2014

... 4 Lost in Space:Gravity won 7 Oscars 16 The Oscar Queen...: Cate Blanchett on Blue Jasmine. 18 The Story of Mary Poppins:Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson team up. CULTURE 32 The Art of Scotland:  ...

Extras Speak Up 284

Criado em 13 Mai 2011. Publicado em 2011

284 - Money, money! (Audio) 284 - Ian Rankin’s Scotland (Video)  ...

294 - Fairtrade Fortnight

Criado em 25 Abril 2011. Publicado em 2012

... schools and institutions must all promise to support and promote Fairtrade ethics. To celebrate the 500th Fairtrade town, supporters cycled 500 miles from Scotland’s Aberfeldy to Cardiff in Wales. TEATIME ...

Edição 271

Criado em 15 Abril 2011. Publicado em 2010

... Spirit: The beauty and mystery of Scotland. 39 Welcome to Wall: We visit the USA’s favorite roadside attraction. 42 Chilling Developments in Dubai: Leo Hickman on an environmental disaster. MATÉRIAS ...

Edição 269

Criado em 15 Abril 2011. Publicado em 2010

... can campaign – for human rights, I mean – and if Scotland can celebrate its poet gone too early, if the Millennium Dome can be reborn as the Music Experience center, and if time travel may soon be possible, ...

Edição 292

Criado em 15 Abril 2011. Publicado em Uncategorised

...  08 TRAVEL: The Reindeer of Scotland 10 LIVING LANGUAGE: Three Key Words 12 BRIDGET FONDA: What happened to this great actress? 13 STATE NICKNAMES, PART 3: More from Voice of America. 14 PANDA POWER: ...

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