357 - LONDON - I love Covent Garden!

Joanna Moncrieff (Standard British/London accent)

Covent Garden is one of my favourite places in London. It’s got such an interesting history, it’s had so many identities over the years. It was originally the “Convent Garden” for the monks at Westminster Abbey, then it was a place for the rich, it was built so the rich would live there, then it degenerated into sort of (an) interesting time with the brothels and the coffee houses, and then the Market came along, until the 1970s, but then it’s been regenerated again and today is a place offering a lot of entertainment, lots of quirky shops, lots of reasons to go there. And I do a number of walks that go through there, that... one of which is the Real West End walk. I do a Theatreland walk because in that vicinity you have 40 theatres within only 10 minutes’ walk of each other. Details of my Covent Garden walks can be found on my website: westminsterwalks.london

(Joanna Moncrieff was talking to Mark Worden)