350 - Dive!

Jeremy Seifert (Standard American accent)

Every year in America we throw away 96 billion pounds of food, which means we’re feeding our landfills as much as we’re feeding our country.

Allen Watke (Standard American accent)

All of these perfectly good eggs because one was cracked, just threw them all away… that’s what they’re doing with everything.

Noah Smith (Standard American accent)

I eat much better out of dumpsters than I ever had before!

Allen Watke

Look at that. You tried the salad?

Male (Standard American accent)

That’s pretty decent!

Another male (Standard American accent)

I’m getting meat for my baby shower tomorrow.

Male (Standard American accent)

From the dumpster at 1 a.m. this morning; 3 p.m. this afternoon on the grill!

First lady

I would say most of our friends are aware of the fact that we get all of our food from the dumpster and I think it’s pretty cool!

Jeremy Seifert

Rescuing food from the dumpster was great, but the question nagged me: Why is all this food being thrown out and not given to people who need it?

Another male (Standard American accent)

It’s a big problem here in America where you do have all that kind of food and resources available but you still have people falling through the cracks.

Jeremy Seifert

Lime from Mexico and cheese from Germany and meat from Chile. Do you just let it rot?

Another male (Standard American accent)

I believe in what I’m doing. I’d be proud to say I got arrested for eating somebody’s waste! That is where the conflict comes between what I believe is just and what is legal. This is totally outside the system way of living.

Jeremy Seifert

If you guys didn’t pick up that food, that food would most likely go into the dumpsters.

Second lady (Standard American accent)

Yes, and then a few hours later it’s in the dumpster.

Jeremy Seifert

I guess these bananas aren’t edible, not quite. They threw them away.

Male voice (Standard American accent)

The kind of society that would waste this amount of food is one that doesn’t value the Earth and the products it produces. It’s in our own personal detriment to continue the process.

Jeremy Seifert

It’s about more than not wasting food, it’s about making sure everyone has enough to eat.

Second lady

We have to help each other, that’s what we’re here for, to help everybody, and if everybody kind of took that attitude, you know, I think we’d be much better.