348 - Olympics - It's party time in Rio!

The Olympics are going to be held in Rio in 2016. This is on the back of a World Cup that was very controversial in Brazil .. but then in the end turned into a successful football tournament, once the football kind of started, and I think the same thing will happen with the Olympics, again... you’ve got scandals, you’ve got problems with the virus situation, you’ve got the stadiums and transport and so on, but I think once the event starts, it will be fun, it will be exciting, it will be very visual... visually interesting, and it will be all over Rio, it won’t just be in the football stadiums and so we’ll be... you’ll... we’ll see more of Brazil in this than we did see in the World Cup. The Olympics tend to open up cities to a global view and that’s right from the early ones, or Rome 1960, you know, opened up Rome in a way that it hadn’t really opened up before to outside views. So I think that will be very important. Brazil is not a great Olympics power sporting-wise so the stars will probably be non-Brazilian and global, like Usain Bolt and those kind of people, those kind of global celebrities will be the big... the big stars of the tournament. So I think it will be interesting, but it won’t be without its problems and it won’t... but it won’t have the same security issues that the Euro tournament will have.

(John Foot was talking to Mark Worden)