347 - Recommended Reading: Not on the Label

Felicity Lawrence (Standard British accent)

I’m Felicity Lawrence, Guardian journalist, and author of Not on The Label, which is a book I first wrote in 2004 about the global food system, and looking at how all aspects of our food had been completely revolutionized and industrialized, and how much power had shifted to the big retailers and, in response to that, how the processing sectors had concentrated, and we move further and further away from the simple, unprocessed food that’s good for our health, and in industrializing our food like that, we’ve had enormous impact environmentally, we’ve got a kind of agriculture that leads to environmental degradation, that in many, many countries of the world is built on exploitation of labour, and particularly drives migration, and uses people who are very vulnerable to produce cheap food, and has been nutrionally disastrous: we’re… we’re creating a diet which makes people fat and sick, and sucks a lot of the money and resources away from the poor up to the rich.

(Felicity Lawrence was talking to Mark Worden)