Matt Haig (Standard British accent)

Hello, I’m Matt Haig, I’m an author from England. I generally write novels, but for the first time I’ve written a non-fiction book. It’s called Reasons to Stay Alive, and it’s about my own experience of depression and anxiety, and it takes a more general look at... the illness of depression, and it was by far the most personal thing I’ve ever written and I... I wrote it to... to my younger self, I suppose, and to anyone who experiences depression or knows people who experience depression, which is a... a remarkably common illness and at least one in five of us will at some point suffer a... a serious episode of depression, and so I wanted to try and find a way of writing a book about depression that wasn’t depressing! And, hopefully, in Reasons to Stay Alive I’ve at least attempted to do that.

(Matt Haig was talking to Mark Worden)