338 - Recommended Reading: In Defence of Dogs

John Bradshaw (Standard British accent)

In Defence of Dogs is a book that attempts to answer the question What is it like to be a dog? Not from my imagination,although there’s some of that in there inevitably, but from the point of view of what we know from the many advances that have been made in canine science over the past 10 or 15 years. We now understand a lot more about the dog’s brain, the dog’s mind, how it interprets the world and particularly how it interprets us as the controlling species, if you like, the way that it understands our body language, the way it conceives of us as being... do dogs conceive of us as being theirpack leaders? Science is suggesting nowadays that they do not, they actually just... see us as being something like aparental figure, rather than being a controlling figure. That, of course, has major implications for the way that we train dogs, the way that we indeed conceive of dogs. So Dog Sense [In Defence of Dogs -- ed.] is trying to give some answers to those questions: What is it like to be a dog? And how should we build a relationship with a dog that will end up being successful?