322 - Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii

Adrian Maben (Standard British/very mild French accent)

I think that there is something special in Pompeii, and there’s something special about the marriage between their music and the... the spirit... and the spirit of the dead, basically, which is why I was really intrigued by this woman who said on the Internet that she liked the film because she thought that they were playing for the dead. So it was in Pompeii, but maybe that’s a coincidence: it is and it is not because I like the idea of Pompeii being a dead place where you don’t really see anything from the past, but you sense it – I mean, that’s a silly sentence! – I like the idea that in Pompeii you don’t actually see people from the past, or you don’t have, I don’t know, a huge volcano sort of, you know, absolutely knocking everything out. There’s... something about it which is sinister and which is very interesting because you sense... you sense the danger, but you don’t actually see it, and it’s the sensing the danger which is interesting to me. It’s the... the haunting feeling comes from the fact that... that it’s all happened many, many years ago, that it could it possibly happen again. There’s a sort of... an atmospere of... of doom that hangs over Pompeii, and I thought that... that feeling of doom would go well with their music: it would seem that it did go well.

(Adrian Maben was talking to Mark Worden and Alfredo Marziano)

Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii

Adrian Maben, a Scotsman who has spent most of his adult life in France, is the director of one of the great rock movies, Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii, a 1971 concert which was filmed (without an audience) in the arena of the ruined city. A few years ago Maben came across some lost film reels (in the bathroom of his Paris home!) and, after restoring them, created a new documentary: Chit Chat with Oysters, which will become “a must” for Floyd fans. It recently received its European premiere in Italy. This was at Borgaro Torinese (near Turin) at an event organised by a group of fanatical Italian “Floydiana” collectors who call themselves “The Lunatics.”