287 - Little Red Movie Star

Amanda Seyfried’s movie career took off three years ago when she played Meryl Streep’s daughter in the “smash hit” musical Mamma Mia! Now she has the title role in a very different film: Red Riding Hood. This is directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who was also responsible for Twilight.
Red Riding Hood is a reinterpretation of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. The original story was about a little girl, her grandmother and a wolf. In this version, the wolf has become a werewolf who terrorises a medieval village, while Red Riding Hood is an older girl, Valerie, who is in love. The cast is certainly interesting. Julie Christie, who was herself a young star in the 1960s, plays the grandmother, while another famous English actor, Gary Oldman, is Solomon, a sinister inquisitor. Max Irons, the son of Jeremy Irons, plays Henry, Valerie’s fiancé. Like Amanda Seyfried, Max Irons is 25.
Amanda Seyfried was asked what had attracted her to the role:

Amanda Seyfried (Standard American accent)
Yeah, it’s amazing, and she’s a heroine and in a very, very, very old classic story, and so, to take that on, is... it’s a responsibility but it’s also super fun because she’s still really young, and, to me, she was so beautiful and I like playing characters like that. It’s such a good story: it teaches you things and it’s inspiring and it’s haunted and it’s dark and kind of weird.

And she is confident that audiences will enjoy the film:

Amanda Seyfried
It’s just exciting because we have a... you know, a werewolf that speaks and kills people and the actors in this movie, like Gary Oldman and Julie Christie, are amazing to watch. I don’t know, there’s every aspect, I don’t know a reason that people wouldn’t want to see it. It’s exciting to have... a mystery, a thriller. I’ve always loved thrillers, and I think it’s also good for the younger audiences too because, you know, the centre of this movie is a young, strong female character.

And Amanda Seyfried’s confidence is shared by Gary Oldman:

Gary Oldman (Standard British accent)
It’s a great story, it’s a twist on a... it’s a new… it’s a real... it’s a dark twist on a dark story, a darker twist, and I think that... that it will intrigue.