287 - It’s Wednesday

Michael Swan was a guest at the Poetry on the Lake Festival in Orta, where he read his poem “It’s Wednesday”:

Michael Swan (Standard English accent):
My day job is to do with language. This is a poem about language. I find it goes down quite well with the men in the audience, when I read it. It’s called “It’s Wednesday”:

If you want to understand them
You have to start with their language,
which is different from ours:
For example, when we say,
“It’s Wednesday,”
“It’s” means “It’s”
And “Wednesday” means “Wednesday”
When they say, “It’s Wednesday,”
They mean, “Put the bins out,”
Or “Remember, Granny’s coming to supper,”
Or “Jessica’s got her Maths exam,”
Or “It’s your turn to babysit,”
Or “Why haven’t you (fill in the blank)?”
Or “You bastard, you’ve forgotten our anniversary!”
Or just “Guess what’s in my head.”
There are no dictionaries.
Good luck!